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About your session....

  • What do I wear?? Wear what you or your child is most comfortable in. I love bright and vibrant colors, and love a mixture of textures. I am not the photographer that thinks that everyone should be matchy matchy or be in white and Khaki. Have fun with it and hey your kiddo loves that dress up outfit??? Bring it along will love having that picture later in life remembering that at that moment it was their favorite outfit to wear. Yes for a full session you can bring a change of clothes. You can also bring a hat or another acessory that will change the look of your outfit.
  • What should I do before the shoot?? BE CALM!! I tell moms all the time don't even tell your kiddos you are going to go get pictures taken! Tell them you are going to go see Ms. Nikki! Stay very calm that day and DON'T make a huge fuss asking them if they are going to smile. I can promise that those are the shoots that don't go as well and your child most of the time is going to not smile because you want them to. I promise if you tell them we are going to go play...things will go great and we will all have a very relaxed fun shoot to capture your true childs personality
  • What do I bring to the shoot? A calm parent and child :) You can bring a change of clothes, a chair your child has, any toys that are their favorite,bubbles, balloons, smash cakes for first birthdays and ANYTHING else you want in your pictures. I could bring props, but they would mean not anything to you in your pictures. If you are wanting to
  • What will happen at my shoot? We will have fun! YES FUN! Picture taking can be relaxing, and fun for you and your kiddos. Show up a few minutes before your shoot starts and stay in your car until I am there. If you get out of the car and let them go play they won't want to play with me. We will just go with the flow, have fun, and take pictures as we go. I will not ask everyone to sit still, smile and look at me. If that is what you want that is fine, but I am not the photographer for you! We will play and move quite often to different locations around the park. I will talk and interact to your children alot to let their true personality shine through. Most shoots take 45 minutes to an hour, but your child will usually be the judge of that.
  • What happens after my shoot? It takes me at least two weeks to edit your pictures and get them back to you. If you need them faster than that I have a RUSH fee that I can charge to get them to you in a week. I will also post a sneak peek on my blog and facebook. I will also send you a link of your uploaded pictures to send to your friends and family from a professional printing company.
  • To book a session you can email me at to find out available times and locations I can book your shoot. Since I am a natural light photographer I like to shoot when the light is best.